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Caring for eyelash extensions...

Salts and oils that come into contact with the lash line will cause the lashes to loosen prematurely and fall out. Your lash technician will discuss eyelash products with each client to ensure they are well informed on best practices.

Eyelash extensions require 24 hours to cure properly, if they become wet within the initial time period through environmental effects such as rain, snow, sweat, tears, longevity is compromised.

Brushing lashes minimally with a provided lash brush to perfect lashes after bathing and sleep. A 3-d contoured sleep mask is helpful to clients that tend to sleep on their sides or stomachs.

Reducing oils on the lash line using a eyelash cleaner made for eyelash extensions is highly recommended for durability and sanitation.

Mascaras are permitted for the tips of extensions or lower lashes that are specially formulated for eyelash extensions. JB professional products are available for purchase on location or online below.

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