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Please refrain from the use of cosmetics and eye creams to prevent problems with the application. Avoiding contact with water, rain, snow, sleet, sweat on eyelids and tearing for 24 hours is needed after each application to ensure proper cure time


Lashes are art. Extensions can be applied in many options and variations such as thicknesses, length, style, material, shape and curl.

Lashes are always changing due to eyelash hair cycles. Each application is unique and personalized for each lash's natural health.

Lashes are subject to environmental effects - contact with rain, snow, tearing, allergies - and always changing due to lash growth and cycles which effects the longevity significantly.

If lashes come into contact with moisture


Cleaning daily to remove excess oil and keep the eyelash line clean. If recommended, you can use a serum in combination with extensions to optimize eyelash health and prevent damage. Planning facials, massages, steams, saunas and chiropractic appointments prior to lash applications is highly recommended to promote longevity.

Eyelashes grow in 3 cycles each lasting about 4-6 weeks. It's best for natural lashes to have a break from eyelash extensions every 6 months for about 4-6 weeks.


Eyelash fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. After 4 weeks a new full set price is charged

Fills typically take about...

  • 1 week 45-50 min
  • 2 weeks 50-60 min
  • 3 weeks 60-75 min
  • 4 weeks 75-90 min
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